BOPAT Electric was one of the early adopters of CAD and the design/build project delivery systems and have partnered with many of our customers over the past 20 years. Our partnerships and the design/build processes have allowed facility owners and general contractors to better manage their projects by controlling costs, improving turnaround times, reducing risk, and providing better project communication.

Today, the design/build project delivery system continues to make great strides toward becoming the number one project delivery system in use. Did you know that compared with traditional project delivery methods, design/build typically has:

  • Faster Project Pricing and Delivery
  • Higher Cost Savings for Owner
  • Fewer Change Orders to Owner
  • Reduced Owner's Risk
  • Improved Project Documentation through use of CAD

A Penn State University report, "A Comparison of United States Project Delivery Systems", quantified the benefits of the design/build method:

  • Design/build unit cost (final project cost divided by the area) was at least 4.5% less than construction management at risk and 6% less than design/bid/build.
  • Design/build construction speed (facility gross square footage divided by the construction time) was at least 7% faster than construction management at risk and 12% faster than design/bid/build.
  • Design/build delivery speed (facility gross square footage divided by the design and construction time) was at least 23% faster than construction management at risk and 33% faster than design/bid/build.

A study for the JOURNAL OF CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT resulted in similar conclusions, stating, “…the public sector should strongly consider using DB to take advantage of time and potential cost benefits. The data are so convincing that the private sector should also strongly consider Design-Build if it is not already taking advantage of this method.”

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