Position Description:

The Electrical Designer at Bopat Electric utilizes skills and experience required to work with other team members to develop, design and draw CAD electrical drawings for projects.


  • Utilize AutoCAD software to design and develop electrical plans for projects
  • Utilize AGI-32 lighting analysis software to create photometrics per project specifications, or customer requirements
  • Produce detailed electrical designed drawings for review and approval/stamping by the engineer so that the electrical plans can be submitted to the local jurisdiction for permitting
  • Meet with the Bopat Project Managers and other management, customer, and local jurisdictional contacts to address drawing issues and ensure drawings reflect project specifications and code requirements

Knowledge of:

  • AutoCAD software (most current version a plus)
  • NFPA-70 (2014 – 2020)
  • NFPA-70E – Electrical Safety
  • NFPA-70B - Maintenance
  • IECC – International Energy Conservation Code
  • Electrical code (different jurisdictions)
  • Electrical panel schedules
  • AGI-32 Lighting Analysts software (a plus)
  • Lighting circuitry design
  • Power devices circuitry design
  • HVAC devices circuitry design
  • Plumbing devices circuitry design
  • Service riser design
  • Service loads calculations
  • Symbols used for lighting, power, HVAC, and plumbing devices
  • Conversion of CAD files to PDF format

Minimum Qualifications: 

  • Proficiency and experience with AutoCAD
  • Demonstrated understanding of construction means and methods associated with the renovation and construction of commercial buildings and sitework related thereto
  • A working knowledge of civil, architectural, mechanical, and electrical work
  • The ability to effectively communicate both in the English written and spoken word
  • Proficiency with spreadsheets, Email and other software used in the construction industry
  • Experience in managing multiple projects


Construction Skills

  • A working knowledge of means and methods of construction associated with the building and renovation of commercial buildings and site work related thereto

Critical Thinking Skills

  • Has strong math and analytical skills
  • Has strong problem-solving skills that involve a bias to work within established systems and the agility to work outside of the system when necessary to get timely results
  • Analytical with the ability to examine issues from multiple viewpoints

Results Oriented

  • Works to meet deadlines and is driven to closure
  • Has a bias toward action and an impatience towards those that lack focus and/or the ability to get results
  • Is goal oriented and can react quickly to challenging circumstances to achieve the desired end results
  • Is proactive, plans well and addresses problems promptly and relentlessly takes responsibility for solving them
  • Excellent attention to detail and is committed to doing quality work the first time with little or no need for re-work
  • Works to meet or beat schedules and is driven to bring closure to avoid open issues

Personal Profile

  • Is assertive, however fair, and reasonable in all business dealings involving clients, and co-workers (understands win-win contracting)
  • Is an effective communicator, active listener, recognizes diverse perspectives and is capable of facilitating synergy and collaboration
  • Is organized and produces an electronic/paper trail that can be easily understood by a third party
  • Embraces life-long learning, strives to stay current with new industry trends and practices and willingly participates in industry events and networking functions
  • A self-starting, highly motivated and goal-oriented individual
  • Very organized with a systematic approach with tasks to achieve accuracy and efficiency
  • Professionally and technically competent
  • Quick, sharp, confident, assertive, ethical, and ambitious
  • Friendly and out-going in social contacts, works easily with others

Benefits Include:

  • Heath Insurance
  • Long Term Disability
  • Life Insurance
  • 401K
  • Vacation
  • Paid sick leave

 Company Office Hours are:

Monday – Thursday 7:30 am to 4:30 pm
Friday 7:30 am to 4:00 pm


Negotiable depending on the strength of the candidate

 Bopat Electric Company, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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